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Having spent the best part of 40 years looking through a viewfinder of some sort, sitting in front of a computer editing photos or videos, producing websites and managing social media accounts, it’s a very strange feeling to now say when asked, “I’m retired".

Despite no longer taking on commercial paid work, it’s virtually impossible to suddenly stop what you’ve been doing for the best part of your working life so, for the past 24 months I’ve been taking on work on a ‘pro-bono’ basis for church, charity or voluntary organisations. I hope that my experience, skills and equipment can now be put to good use to those who perhaps, don’t have the budget or funding to produce what they want or need for their media requirements.

The following 'blog' items are a mixture, some from when I was working commercially and now, some new items that might be of interest.

Online Auction win!

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I recently found an online auction site I’d not seen before - jobalots.com, it receives customer returns from some of the large online retailers, they are then offered as an auction item at considerably lower prices, many starting at £0.20.

I’d browsed the site a few times without spotting anything of interest, a few days ago I spotted an autocue bluetooth remote, it had a start price of £1.00, the normal Amazon retail was £23.38 so I thought it was worth a bid.
I’m surprised how many people still don’t quite understand how to bid on most online auction sites, at a normal auction you’d bid in ascending increments and many people apply this approach to online auctions. The correct method for online auctions is to decide the maximum price you want to pay for the item and enter that as a bid, the site will then automatically ‘bid’ for you in increments until your maximum bid is reached, similar to the way an auctioneer bids for you with ‘book’ or 'with me' bids.

I’d decided my max bid would be £3.50, VAT and £4.99 P&P would be added to the winning bid. Someone had bid £1.20 and the site automatically incremented my bid to £2.20, no other bids arrived so, although I bid a max of £3.50, I actually won the item for £2.20, with VAT and courier delivery it came to £8.63 for an £23.00 item.

Now, there was a chance the item was broken or faulty......when it arrived I put 2 AAA batteries in and opened the autocue app (iCue) on my iPad, the remote had a light on to indicate it was working but virtually none of the buttons worked, in the autocue app I selected keyboard remote and was then able to ‘remap’ the buttons. The remote now works as it should and will make operation of the autocue for the talent, a lot easier to use.

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