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A good start to the year...


Do we become less tolerant as we get older? I'm beginning to think I must be. So far this year I've had a row with a software company who bombarded me with emails to upgrade some software I'd had from them and then 8 months after I did, they pulled the program and stopped development, a row with a used equipment web marketing company who use a slightly different approach to eBay, it seemed a great idea until I tried to buy something through them, over a week on and we're still no closer to buying than I was in the beginning, and a mobile phone company who wouldn't match the same deal to me as an existing customer to that of a rival company using the same service provider, so I then changed the service they had been supplying me to an alternative and they lost the order, only solved when I phoned to complain I'd not received the new SIM card.... and we're only 8 days into 2013!