Foxvideo Productions

September 2013

iPad updated to iOS7


Updated my iPad2 to iOS7 with no problems, it's very..........flat looking, just need someone to bring out an app to give the graphics some shape and definition!

NewBlueFX Titler Pro 1

OK, I'm a dinosaur, I still use Final Cut Pro 7, if you've read my previous blog entries you'll see why I'm staying with it.

One of the main user criticisms of my previous Media100 system was the poor built in CG/titling application, Final Cut Pro didn't do much better - FCP's own titling is poor, the Boris package included with FCP is slightly better and I've used it when needed. 3rd party plugin suppliers have produced some very good packages and I have a couple of these - MoType ($99) and Manifesto (free) for example. Apple did include LiveType with Final Cut Pro up to v6 but dropped it in v7, suggesting titles could all now all be done in Motion 4 or 5 which is fine but means you have to come out of FCP to produce them.

I've often looked at NewBlueFX for plugins, they have a good range for most NLE's and I've tried a few demo's but never felt the need to actually buy any - until now.

During the month of August, NewBlue ran a marketing campaign with 31 days of offers - an email every day for a month showed the offer that day, I spotted an offer for their Titler Pro 1, discounted from $99.99 (£63) to $49.99 (£31), at that price it seemed too good to miss although I did have to add UK VAT (£7.08) onto the order price when paying via PayPal.

So far I'm impressed, it works from within Final Cut Pro 7, has a very wide range of titling options, some good animations, a library of presets and I've only just scratched the surface. I'm hoping to use Titler Pro 1 to change some title cards for the program I'm currently working on, I'll post a few examples when they're done.

For a quick overview of Titler Pro 1 check out this demo: