Foxvideo Productions

October 2016

Epson Perfection Photo 3200 driver / Windows 7 nightmare solved!


I have a friend who mentioned he had several hundred 35mm transparencies he wanted to transfer to his computer and asked how he could do it, I said I had an old (but very good) Epson 3200 Photo scanner that he could borrow, I had bought it many years ago and I still regularly use it on my MacPro with El Capitan and VueScan however, as he was on Windows 7 and needed the Epson driver, I thought it best to try it on one of my Window’s machines to make sure it would work.

Off to Epson’s site to get the driver, simple - No! Epson no longer support this scanner, every link I tried I just gave me a ‘Page Not Found’ error, I did remember I still had the original install disk so tried that, it came up with a “This OS is not supported” error so back to the drawing board!

Another web search, this time a bit deeper. Sure, there were hundreds of so called “Driver sites” offering the driver but I’ve been there many times before and got burned with hundreds of popups, malware and worse, so I stayed away from them. There were several forum posts about ‘modifying’ another driver with a few lines of code but I couldn’t find that driver anywhere.

On around page 3 or 4 of the Google search results I found an entry mentioning the 3200 driver and the link went to an Epson German site so off I went........

After a quick Google translate, there on an official Epson page were all the specs, info and DRIVERS (epson325835eu.exe) for the Epson Perfection 3200 for Windows 7 so I grabbed them as fast as I could and installed them. A few minutes and a reboot later, there on my Windows 7 desktop was the familiar EpsonScan icon.

I loaded 4 transparencies into the scanner frame, opened the EpsonScan shortcut and chose ‘Full Auto Mode’ just to see what happened, 3 or 4 minutes later I had 4 perfect scans in my photos folder, I tried again, this time in ‘Home Mode’, a few tweaks and a few more minutes - again 4 perfect scans.

This all begs the question why does the Epson German site have these drivers when every other link I tried said that the Epson Perfection 3200 Photo scanner is no longer supported? So, if you’re looking for this driver, use Google and add the word ‘German’ to your search phrase and you should find it.

Another TRAC sunrise

Another early morning / mist / sunrise shot of TRAC Tom Roberts Adventure Centre, along with stills I shot a 15 second video pan that I'm going to try using as a banner on the web page (would have been a good shoot if I'd remembered the flask of coffee!)


Peace & Hope Trust 2016 video

A new video produced in FCPX for The Peace and Hope Trust UK, produced from amateur photographs shot by volunteers to Nicaragua and to a poem written by Richard Geary, Project Manager / Field Director for The Peace and Hope Trust UK, shown at the annual Gorsley event for supporters.

Barging around for 'B' roll

One of the problems editing footage shot by someone else is they never seem to have the cutaways you need, this is very often the case with the stuff I edit for Wye Invader Two, they setup a camera on a tripod on the Stern and sometimes an SJ4000 on the Bow and just let them run, it's difficult for them to get 'cutaway' stuff or "B' roll as they are busy with 'boat' stuff.

I've got a video to edit for the Wye Invader YouTube Channel of her recent trip to Bristol and return and I was struggling for cutaways, so a phone call to Frank with the idea of taking Wye Invader Two out on the River Severn for an hour or so for me to get a selection of cutaway and library stuff we could use was proposed, Frank was enthusiastic about the idea and set it up within days to coincide with tides and lock opening times.

After a one hour drive to Sharpness I was amazed to see the size of the Port and how busy it was for such a little known Port (to me anyway), I found Wye Invader Two berthed where Frank had told me she was and after a much needed coffee (thanks Andy!) Frank explained what we could do. First shot was some library footage of the Narrowboat moored, then it was into the car and back across the bridge that would open to allow Wye Invader Two out of her mooring and into the approach for the Sea Lock. Some more library stuff of WI2 heading towards the Sea Lock then back into the car to meet her at the Lock.



I had to be onboard Wye Invader Two before she was lowered so I shot footage of her going down in the lock, the lock gates opening and then going out into the River Severn. Once out into the Severn it was grab as many cutaways that could be used in videos as I could, the rev counter, hand on tiller, backlight shot of Frank, using the radio, coffee cup on the Stern, prop wash and so on. After around 30 minutes Frank, a highly experienced Skipper, turned the boat and we headed back, this time it was very choppy so I put the SJ4000 on a 'selfie stick' and down into the waves from the Bow to get some rough water shots. We were soon back in Sharpness and in the lock, this time going up, I shot some more footage from the dockside as Wye Invader Two returned to her berth, another coffee and a quick review of the shoot and then for me, back home. The Bristol edit now has some interesting cutaway shots that can be dropped in and, with any further videos I hope I won't have to spend so much time looking for 'B' roll.

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