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October 2012

5 Free Church Hymn DVD's (pay for p&p only)

I recently fell foul of YouTube's music policy, a hymn I used under some promo footage for the Gorsley Festival DVD we produced this year was "flagged" as using 3rd Party content, although sung by a friend of mine (Nia) the words were still copyrighted. Browsing around tonight I found an offer from FreeFootage for 5 CD's of hymns with 235 tracks, Royalty Free with Licence included, for $8.41 each (£27.11 for all 5, shipped to the UK). Should be able to use quite a few of these for the Church type stuff I produce without YouTube flagging me up again!
Screen Shot 2012-10-19 at 22.36.12

Magic Lantern for Canon 7D now available

At last - Magic Lantern for Canon 7D - now we're rocking!

Looks like the guys have finally managed it, adds functions to the Canon 7D not included by Canon.

Audio meters while recording
Focus peaking
Magic Zoom (via half-shutter, or focus ring)
Crop marks, Ghost image
False colour
Histogram, Waveform
Movie logging
Movie auto stop
Trap focus
LiveView settings (Brightness, Contrast)
Level indicator
Image review tweaks (quick zoom)
and a lot more


3D Animation - here I come...


I've been looking for 3D solution, I'm not a great user of 3D in video but wanted something for the odd logo animation or text effect. I've just bought Kinemac, normally $299 it was part of a 10 App bundle for just $50 (£32.20) - now that's what I call a bargain! For a demo of Kinemac see this tutorial

Settings, settings……

Now I've got the settings for my new JVC 700 basically sorted I thought I'd better try getting some reasonable results from my Canon 7D. I originally only bought it for it's stills capability and I've struggled with getting good video results. After a bit of playing around I'm now starting to get some half reasonable results. This was 1920x1080p from the camera, transcoded to ProRes, exported from FCP as Self Contained, then into Compressor and I used 1280x720p settings. It all seemed so much easier with BetaSP and Media100......!

HM700 - Bouquets & Brickbats

So, spending some time getting used to my new JVC HM-700 HD camera, a few minor problems to sort so I thought I'd post on a dedicated forum:

I could use some suggestions for my new HM700 workflow. I've come from 2/3rds tape camera (DVCAM) and an FX1 (1080i), most of my stuff ends up 50/50 on DVD and web. I've just acquired an HM700, shooting 1280x720 50p (with camera default scene file) I'm getting great web stuff, very high quality, but when I then DVD this footage I get a huge loss of quality, blocking of solid colour and aliasing of fine detail.

I'm exporting a XDCAM timeline from FCP as self contained, into Compressor > Apple DVD 70 min settings, then into DVDStudioPro and then Toast.
In an ideal world I'd shoot p and i together, so any suggestions from HM700 users to improve my workflow to get a quality DVD and web movie?

and again 10 hours later:

Wow, 61 views in 10 hours and not one suggestion - is there some big secret recipe out there  :-)

Well, after nearly wearing out a re-writable DVD (best invention since sliced bread) I've come up with a workable solution, shoot 1280x720 @50p, edit in FCP in XDCAM, copy timeline to a ProRes timeline, render, export a self contained ProRes movie, import into Compressor, Apple DVD 70 min settings then DVDSP to author and then Toast to burn and that still gives me a 1280x720p XDCAM timeline for web use which is giving me stunning quality. I did find exposure far more critical than I'm used to on DVCAM, and have noticed a very small amount of noise creeping in but I'm guessing some picture tweaks can get rid of that. Shooting 1280x720 @25p gave me similar results. Still interested in hearing some other views on this.

OK, I know I'm late to the party using HD, but when I was getting the quality of end result from my 2/3rds DVCAM (with v. expensive glass) I didn't need HD, especially as I had the advantage of a hard drive recorder on the back giving me quick ingest to FCP, and to be honest, until standard def DVD's die and downloads become the norm, it still doesn't quite make sense to me to shoot HD then downconvert for DVD!

The saga continues.....

Thanks to a good friend of mine who sent me a couple of Compressor presets today, it looks like I'm onto a reasonable result. Just got to find a camera setting to get rid of a little noise creeping in.