Foxvideo Productions

May 2017

Another website and another eBay bargain!

My main camera is a JVC HM700, it suits me well for the type of work I still do. I got it for a great price when someone I know wanted to sell quickly but ever since I’ve I owned it I’ve always noticed the lack at the wide end and always wanted to upgrade the lens for the Fuji TH13x3.5BRMU wide angle, this lens gets stunning reviews but certainly isn't cheap! The price was around £6000 plus VAT from JVC dealers, doing a quick Google search, I found one US dealer still selling it for $11,000. I know another HM700 user who found one used for £3200 and made an offer of £2700 and he got it for that price, more than I paid for my HM700.

So when browsing eBay recently I spotted one on a ‘Buy it Now’ for £400 being sold by a pro dealer who I know and have dealt with on previous occasions - it was a no brainer and I hit the ‘Buy Now’. I knew there was a 14 day return guarantee so had no problems ordering it. When it arrived I ran some tests the following day and the lens certainly lives up to it’s reviews, it’ll work well for me next time I’m filming on Wye Invader Two as space is very limited.


Despite my nice new lens, I’m not doing much shooting at the moment, it’s all website work with a new website for a lady who phoned in a panic after being let down by someone who was going to produce it for her. She was organising a Summer camp in August and needed a website to give out details and offer either an online booking form or a downloadable booking form. I bought a Domain name, hosting and had a holding page up by later that night, a full site went up the following day. After some text changes and decisions on what the booking forms should look like, the completed site went up the very next day. It was indexed by Bing almost instantly, unfortunately I’m still waiting for Google to index it and it can take up to 3 weeks although I have had Google index a site within 48 hours before now.