Foxvideo Productions

May 2015

Endings and beginings

The desk has been cleared, over 280 old photo scans, recent photographs and some pictures shot to order, all Photoshopped and prepared (and accepted by the Publisher) for the Oxenhall book being produced by the local History Group. Other than a bit of website maintenance on the sites I’m Webmaster for, it’s gone very quiet, If I don’t get some working projects soon I think I might start writing my memoirs…..


“I guess it all started when I was 17 and working in a shop, I borrowed my father’s camera, a Russian Cosmic 35, this was revolutionary for the price (£6/10 shillings) and widely advertised. It had shutter, aperture and focus settings and a reasonable quality lens, I used it to photograph a car stunt show at a local stadium, I wasn’t sure what I was doing with it and hoped for the best. Next door to my fathers business was a photographer who developed the B&W film and produced a set of contact prints for me, all but one came out, I couldn’t get over seeing what I’d done with this little marvel of a camera. I soon bought my own camera a Zenith B, another Russian camera, this was an SLR with interchangeable lenses, not long after I got it I photographed a fire in a chip shop and sold the photo to a local paper for £6/10 shillings, the same amount I was earning working for a week in the shop!

The newspaper had asked for my contact details when I sold them the picture, some weeks later they phoned and asked if I could cover a couple of jobs on a Saturday for them as both their photographers were busy at other events….”

Hold on, that’s the phone ringing, could be some work, gotta go….