Foxvideo Productions

March 2015

Wye Invader saga continues….

Wye Invader
I was first approached last year to put 8 hours of amateur VHS shot in 1989 together for a DVD, of a 130 foot Dutch Barge going up the River Wye to Hereford to be used as a floating restaurant. Some weeks later I was asked to add a DVD chapter with a series of photos and mobile phone footage of the barge return down the River Wye to Sharpness after 23 years due to planning and permission problems. Then came the book, could I put a sequence of typed pages of the Skippers Log together for a book and PDF document?….Now comes the website! Could I get a domain name, hosting and produce a website? - No problem, watch this space for more details when it goes live.

Website now live

Like the ‘New look” site?

After upgrading from Rapidweaver 5 to 6, finding all the new features and then optimising all the sites I’m the webmaster for…..

I find Google saying they want ALL sites ‘Mobile Friendly’ by the end of 2015 or those that are not mobile friendly will lose ranking and / or be penalised in Google searches.

My last site ( was authored using a responsive theme in RW6 so no problem there, Google offer a ‘mobile friendly’ test page - testing my site - it failed.

With a few hours spare today, I made a duplicate of the Foxvideo site then opened that in RW6. It’s possible to scroll through all the Themes and see what the site would look like in another Theme - using just the Responsive Themes I found the ‘Mirage’ theme actually looked quite good and needed minimal changes to make the site work and look good. A couple of hours later I’d uploaded what you’re looking at now, I did find a major problem on the Showreel page using the Ultimate Lightbox Stack so had to settle for Joe Workman’s Vimeo Stack for the moment, that’s something I’ll play with later to see if it’ll work, otherwise it was just a simple matter of tweaking the Mirage Theme settings to find what I liked.

Testing on the Google mobile friendly page gave me this:

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 15.13.47

Final Cut Pro re-build update

The re-build actually went well, slowly but well! The first minor ‘gotcha’ was the wrong system disks, I’d asked if he had original system disks and he’d said yes, when he arrived they were 10.5 not 10.6. I put in a clean HD then made a phone call to the nearest Apple store, they would install 10.6 ‘while u wait’ for £25 for him. 2 hours later he was back with 10.6 installed. The first option was to install Rosetta then the Final Cut Pro disks, these were the Studio 2 upgrade version, after setting off the install it asked for the serial number and then the serial for a previous full install which we had. After that it was a 3 hour job to install all the content, with 10.6 installed, the Mac was able to connect to Apple Software Updates, all the latest Pro Apps updates installed, several Apple updates installed along with the Final Cut updates to FCP v6.0.5 which all went in direct from Apple. After a restart the Apple FCP 6.0.6 update showed up.

A few other programs were installed, Quicktime 7 instead of QT10, Mpegstreamclip, Clipwrap and I suggested Pixelmator to replace a lost Photoshop version. It was then a matter of a quick test with some JVC HD footage from a JVC HM700 to see that all was working in both ProRes and native XDCAM. Some 7 hours after arriving, the guy went home happy with an old but fully functional, stable FCP system. ( I didn’t have the heart to phone or email him later that night to say I’d found a set of MacPro OS X 10.6 system disks in my disk library!) Now all he needs is another 2Gb of RAM, a Blackmagic Intensity Pro video card to monitor video output and an HDMI video monitor but I'll save that for another day.

Stuck in the past...

I’ve mentioned several times that I prefer to still use FCP 7 over FCPX, X is working fine for me but for the type of stuff I’m currently doing, 7 suits me better.

One contact I have phoned me yesterday, he’s having serious problems with his FCP setup and wants me to try and help him out. Turns out he’s on an Intel Mac, using OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and FCP 6.0.6. The system had been bought used from another video company and after talking to him, my suggestion was a full re-install of the 10.6 system software and FCP 6.0.6. He say’s he has all the necessary disks and serial numbers so this is going to be an interesting job! I have considered ‘swapping out’ his boot hard drive for a blank drive to install a new OS and FCP, I can then replace his original boot drive if things don’t go well - watch this space for an update!