Foxvideo Productions

June 2015

Another website job..


A long story this one but I'll keep it brief. I've been working for the past 4 years or so for TRAC - the Tom Roberts Adventure Centre, (old website!) a Christian charity organisation offering outdoor activity holidays for young people and groups, I've made several videos and DVD's for them to promote the Centre and appeal for funds.

My videos looked very poor on their current website and I suggested I could re-design the site for them, this suggestion went to 'committee' and I waited, and waited, and get the idea.

As I'm quiet for work at the moment, I decided to just go ahead and design and build a new site then put it up for consideration. I bought a new Rapidweaver responsive template, then it was 3 days with Rapidweaver, a couple of new 'Stacks' purchased and I was reasonably happy with the result. I showed the new site to the TRAC chairman who liked it, I suggested we could get a new domain name and hosting and put the site up - he said go for it, he'd worry about the 'committee' afterwards!

So, the new site is up, live and indexed by Google and it conforms to Google's new "mobile friendly' policy for search results, you can view it here: Tom Roberts Adventure Centre. There's still a lot to do and if accepted, it'll be an ongoing project to keep fresh and updated.


I've bought many, many domains over the years but now a new trend has appeared - within hours of registering the domain, I was being pestered by email and phone to buy hosting and have my website designed and built for me, shame I'd got 1 year free hosting at and I'd already built and uploaded the site!