Foxvideo Productions

January 2015

FCPX White Balance plugin

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 07.34.29

One of the features I find lacking in FCPX is a usable quick white balance fix, yes you can spend 10 minutes messing with the Colour board and get a reasonable result but, for edit program built for speed of use it lacks a 'click for white balance' effect.

Reading the forums over Christmas I spotted a post suggesting the White Balance plugin with a 50% holiday discount giving a UK price of £12.94. Install was a simple click and I dropped the plugin on some troublesome SJ4000 footage I had, I selected what I knew was white - the fix was instant!

There's many tweaks within the plugin you can add to fine tune the balance and for me, this plugin alone certainly adds a much needed feature to FCPX.