Foxvideo Productions

January 2014

Hitfilm 2 Express for FREE

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" We're giving away a fully functional, free version of HitFilm 2 Express, our hybrid video editor and visual effects software.

The free download is only available until February 4th, so head over to sooner rather than later if you want to make your own blockbuster movies.

Normally worth $149, HitFilm 2 Express may be free - for now - but that doesn't stop it being a remarkably powerful video product, especially for new filmmakers. After shooting a video on your smartphone, DSLR or camcorder you can edit the results, create complex visual effects and upload to YouTube all inside this one application. That's why
Freddie Wong, YouTube superstar filmmaker, describes HitFilm as "in our opinion, the single best software package for aspiring visual effects artists and filmmakers."

As well as it's easy-to-use editing interface, HitFilm 2 Express is also the only sub-$399 video editor to include 3D compositing features. These advanced tools allow filmmakers to create elaborate virtual sets and green screen environments, essential for science fiction, fantasy and historical movies. It's easy to start making movies with HitFilm 2 Express but there's also a lot of power for more experienced filmmakers.

"The HitFilm project has always been about getting the right filmmaking tools to the right people," says FXHOME CEO Joshua Davies. "To start 2014 with a bang we decided to make HitFilm 2 Express available to the whole world, for free. Anybody who has ever thought about making a movie but didn't know how, or couldn't afford it, now has that chance."

Find out why
Film Riot host Ryan Connolly calls HitFilm "a love letter to the indie and no budget filmmaking community" by clicking here. Just make sure you do so before February 4th!

CALLING THE HITFILM.COM COMMUNITY: This is an amazing chance to spread the word about HitFilm to new people. Please help us get the word out by sending the link to anybody you know who may be interested, across Twitter, Facebook, Google+ et al. 2014 is the year of HitFilm - let's make it happen together."

NOTE. You are supposed to share this on Twitter or Facebook to get the free download, if you don't have a Twitter or FB account just click the "share" button then without filling anything in click the page underneath and click the download link without having to share it.