Foxvideo Productions

February 2018

Screen Recorder Movavi


As a 'media producer' living out in the sticks (well, just north of Gloucester) and dealing with older clients, those who are technology challenged or those on very slow internet connections DVD's still play a huge part in my media distribution. On the Mac, DVD Studio Pro (now obsolete) is still the main method to produce these DVD's, I've never had any problems with it and still love using it but a guy I've supported with Final Cut Pro Studio for many years still struggles with DVDSP.

He recently needed to produce a DVD that would play single chapters then return to the menu, I tried to explain 'stories' were the way to go and sent him a demo DVDSP project file, I had thought of doing a tutorial video but the recommended tutorial recording software for the Mac is Camtasia for £150 which, when you only need it very occasionally is a bit expensive. I look at regularly and remember buying Screen Recorder Movavi (normally £28.99) for £0.99 when it was offered on sale for 2 days, it seemed too good to miss at that price but it's sat on my hard drive and never been used.

Now seemed a good time to try it out, I connected a tieclip mic to the Mac, loaded a new DVDSP project and opened Screen Recorder Movavi, the interface is simple - just set the screen size - I used 1920x1080 then opened DVDStudio Pro and hit the record button……

OK, I messed up the first 3 attempts (I'm a producer not a presenter!), on the 4th attempt I'd started to get the hang of it and managed to get to the end of 9 minutes showing how to add stories to a DVD, at one point I made a mistake but carried on and did it again, it would be easy to edit out in FCPX. Viewing it back it had worked well, a quick edit in FCPX and then I used Miro to get the file size down for Dropbox. For £0.99 it was an excellent buy for an App that'll only ever get very occasional use and gives results as good as £150 program.


New kit (toy's!)

Sometime ago I was asked about producing a series of short 5 minute videos on the books of the Bible presented by a friend who lives locally. We produced an 'intro' version with a view to look for funding or sponsorship which so far we've not managed.

Chatting over coffee (as you do) we realised we didn't need funding to shoot these, we had the scripts, the location (a side room in a local church) and most of the equipment including lighting and green screen background. The demo was produced using a home made autocue - a hood and 60/40 glass, a 15" lcd screen, a Macbook and software, it worked well but was a bit awkward in use. The ideal solution was a Datavideo TP-300 using an iPad but at around £380 new it was outside our budget as we're now funding this series personally. Browsing eBay I spotted a new, unused TP-300 with a start price of £230 + £30 p&p or a Buy it now for £325 + £30, I queried the expensive postal cost with the seller who assured me it was correct, in my opinion £355 to 'Buy it now' was too expensive compared to the new dealer price so I waited till the auction was about to end, with no bids on it I entered £230 fully expecting a reserve of much higher - I won the auction, so £260 off my Paypal and 5 days later I'm now the owner of a mint, unused TP-300.


This version of a prompter is suitable for smaller cameras which meant using my JVC HM700 was out of the question unless I used two tripods, however my JVC HM100 would be ideal shooting @ 1920x1080 for YouTube and DVD. To make shooting a little easier I also bought a 7" on camera monitor with HDMI, it's full 1920x1200 and 1200:1 contrast ratio with many onscreen features - peaking, audio display, histogram and focus assist. It was on offer from Amazon at £119 instead of £175.

When we originally shot the demo, although the camera didn't need attention once setup, I did find operating the autocue at the same time as watching the presenter and monitoring the audio difficult, now with the iPad I've found a 'voice controlled' script reader we can use, Voice Teleprompter on the App store. There's a 'lite' version for free however this version can't import scripts but is ideal to test, the 'pro' version is £19.99 and allows import of .docx files from Dropbox, Google Drive etc, I've tested it out and it appears to work fine, I still have iCue on the iPad which can be controlled from an iPhone if we find Voice Teleprompter is not suitable. The only limiting factor now is the presenters cough - we'll have to wait until it clears up!