Foxvideo Productions

February 2015

Website changes

Lots of tweaks to this website using the new Rapidweaver 6 version. Some 'under the hood', some a bit more obvious - the Showreel page for example.

There still seems to be a few problems with the new RW6, I had to post on the user forums about publishing problems, several other users posted similar experiences. One site I control has no problems at all, two other sites have major problems publishing - the only option is to 'export' the site to a folder then publish the folder using ftp. I'm sure RW will sort these minor niggles out and, after using 6 for a couple of weeks now I like most of the changes, the only comment I could make would be the addition of a 'Save As' rather than a 'Duplicate' option.

So much for being a video editor..


So far this week I’ve built one website from scratch -, maintained and updated a second website -, digitised and edited 6 audio cassette tape sermons from 1988 into a series of mp3’s for the web, scanned and retouched a 100 year old auction catalogue along with a series of old photographs for an upcoming book, fixed software problems on 3 laptops and babysat a boisterous new German Shepherd puppy, I wonder what next week will bring…?

It pays to wait....

or the story of "all good things come..."

Since the 'death' of Apple iWeb I've been using Rapidweaver 5 for authoring websites, after a shortish learning curve I got on well with it, the strength being in addition of the third party Stacks plugin and the vast amount of Stacks available, just as I was beginning to get comfortable with RW5 they bought out Rapidweaver 6.....!

I was tempted to take up the upgrade offer of $39 straight away but thought it might mess up some of my existing sites so I decided to wait a while, a good move as there were several reports of teething problems with the new version, most of which have now been sorted with version 6.0.6

I've got a new site to develop for someone and was looking around for a responsive Theme to use of which there are now plenty available, all mostly around the $20 -$30 price mark. I'd found 2 I liked but not bought them. This morning in my inbox I noticed an email - "Save 88% on the Ultimate RapidWeaver Bundle Today" - well that sounded too good to ignore, so I went to find out more.

The offer was for Rapidweaver 6 (full version), 9 Themes, all mainly Responsive, 14 Stacks and 5 plugins all for $79.99, bought separately the package would have cost over $670 - so out came the Credit Card!

Looking through the bundle after installing it, I found 2 Responsive Themes that'll suit the job I have, complete with new Stacks for Responsive sites, my older sites have imported into RW6 and all my previous Themes and Stacks have imported across. I've retained RW5 along with my sites in RW5 format for the time being.....just in case!

Zoom H1 recorder


Several years ago I bought a Zoom H4, a handheld SD card audio recorder, I used it a few times but somehow never really got on with it, I found it very ‘noisy’ at certain audio levels when used with external mics. Eventually I got rid of it but then found I could have done with it or something similar. A good friend of mine recommended a Zoom H1, much smaller than the H4 (now updated to H4n), slightly less features and using a MicroSD card. This little bit of kit is a marvel! I use it regularly to record the message at a local church and put the message on the Church website (I’m the Webmaster).

I was asked last weekend for something to record several different speakers at a seminar, as the speakers were likely to walk around they wanted something that could be put in a pocket so I ordered an AT3350 lav mic for £22, this mic had recently been a subject of discussion on a forum with reports of it’s good performance.

When it arrived I checked it worked, I found it needed high gain levels with the H1, normally I use it around the 73/78 mark but with the 3350 plugged in it needed 85+, as I didn’t know the levels the speakers would be talking at I chose to go with ‘auto level’ on the H1.

I’ve just got the H1 back with recordings for editing, I was surprised (and pleased!) auto level had done it’s job, all the recordings from several speakers sounded great, from a guy very used to speaking and who had a booming loud voice to a young lady with quiet voice and not that used to public speaking. It’s also worth mentioning the battery life, so far it’s had over 8 hours use in the past week and still going strong on a single Duracell AA. All round an excellent piece of kit and the addition of the AT3350 adds to it’s usability.

Just broke my Final Cut Pro 7!

I’ve just installed the latest 10.10.2 update and now FCP7 fails to load - it just gives an error. I’m not going to bother trying sorting it as I have a dedicated 10.8.5 drive for FCP7. It was only a matter of time before FCP7 broke, it was out of date over 3 years ago. I know there are some people using the latest Yosemite with FCP7 but for me, the alternative drive with Snow Leopard works well, a dedicated third drive with 10.10.2 and FCPX is also working well.