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February 2014

Wye Invader


7 hours of amateur VHS shot in 1989 to edit to a 1 hour program with a voiceover….this could be an interesting edit.


Just to bring this up to date, all the VHS footage was captured and put into a Final Cut Pro 7 ProRes timeline. I’d had the basic story explained to me by the client so I went through it and produced a rough cut of all the usable footage trying to retain the start to finish storyline, a slight admission here - I did use a few ‘cut-away’ type shots from other sections ‘out of sequence’ where I could!

I sent the client the rough cut with burnt in timecode for him to produce a draft voiceover, when I got the script I made some minor changes and the client recorded it here in the edit suite. Dropping the voiceover on the timeline, it was then just a matter of matching it up to the visuals in the draft edit, trimming some clips to match the audio and dropping in some lower thirds for locations and dates.

I produced a DVD with menu and sent this for approval, it came back with a few minor edits, so a DVD re-author and the DVD was finished, I produced a DVD case sleeve and DVD face print and the client was pleased with the result considering the material we had to work with.

Come forward a few weeks and the client came back to me with around 80 stills and a few minutes of mobile phone footage which charted the return of the Wye Invader in 2012 back down the River Wye to Sharpness after sitting in Hereford for 23 years. The client wanted a “Part Two” added to the DVD showing this new journey. This time I used a combination of FotoMagico and Final Cut Pro 7, FotoMagico gave me the easiest way to put ‘Ken Burns’ type moves on the stills without the problem of the 4000 x 4000 pixel limit of Final Cut Pro 7, I could then output a ProRes Quicktime from FotoMagico for Final Cut 7.


Using a ProRes SD 16:9 timeline I dropped the Quicktime into Final Cut Pro cutting at the points where the mobile phone footage was to go, the only problem was the iPhone footage was shot upright (why do people do this when 99.9% of video they see on TV, on Youtube or in the cinema is landscape!), by dropping the iPhone HD footage onto an SD 16:9 timeline and re-scaling I could get it to fit the 16:9 format, this was a much shorter edit than the first and without a voiceover so I used a few music tracks to keep the pace and interest along with some date and location lower thirds.

Another re-author of the DVD, now with a new menu and I now had the original 1989 journey from Plymouth to Hereford and the ‘Return’ back down the River Wye 23 years later, again a happy client.



When I’d been given the Part Two stuff, the client had also given me a “Skippers Log” of the return journey, this made fascinating reading and the client asked if it could be used as a DVD insert in the DVD case. The log needed a re-write and re-format which took about two days, when done I dropped it into an Apple Pages book template and found it ran to 65 A5 pages - too much for an insert, so I produced a PDF from Apple Pages and, from a search on the web I found a company who would produce 50 A5 bound paperback copies, printed colour and black & white for £120 which the client is going for. This was one of the more unusual edits I’ve had in a long while and through it, I met one of the most interesting guys I’ve come across in many years!

There’s now a Wye Invader YouTube Channel with “The Return” video available HERE

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