Foxvideo Productions

December 2017

SSD - Wow!

It doesn't look as if Father Christmas will be bringing me a new iMac Pro this year so I looked at the possibility of putting an SSD into my ageing MacPro Quad. Amazon were offering a 480Gb Sandisk SSD for £109 but if you know the 4 x hard drive setup for a MacPro it uses a rail and caddy system and the usual 2.5" to 3.5" fittings wouldn't work. A look around on Amazon and I found a StarTech 2.5" SSD or hard drive caddy using a 3.5" inch hard drive sized case that looked as if it would do the job for £17.99.

ssd caddy

An Amazon Prime order saw them both delivered the very next day, the SSD fitted the caddy and the caddy fitted the Mac hard drive mounts, I booted the Mac as normal, used Disk Tools to format the SSD then Carbon Copy Cloner to clone my existing hard drive, then System Prefs to boot the Mac from the SSD and waited…

The Mac sprang into life in around a quarter time it usually took, using the Blackmagic Speed test before the change it was reading / writing at 75, using the SSD the write was 150 and the read 250, Photoshop now opens in the blink of an eye, for around £130 it's like I have a brand new Mac!

Just wondering now if I dare dismantle my iMac and MacBook Pro……