Foxvideo Productions

December 2014

SJ4000 - GoPro alternative?

Normally at Christmas we'd either film or provide video links to screen for events at our local Chapel but, in a bit of a change this year I was asked to help out with sound and a screen presentation. It was a small 20 minute 'musical' Nativity performed by the young people, final rehearsal had been a bit of hit and miss with not all the cast available but the sound, sound effects and on screen words worked fine. I'd provided several microphones, a small mixer and prepared a Screen Monkey presentation containing some Powerpoints, sound effects and some background screen pictures. At the last minute thought I'd put up an SJ4000 action cam I'd bought recently just to see what it'd do.


For an HD camera costing £55 - £70 complete with mounts and underwater housing I was totally surprised at the final quality. I'd set it up for 1280x720 recording, I really didn't need the added resolution of 1920x1080, as any result would end up on Youtube or the Chapel website. I used a spirit level to setup the camera on a small ball and socket head with a lightweight lighting stand, left it on full auto and hit the record button. I'd bought a 32Gb card with camera and the final file from a 45 minute service was 4.3Gb, the battery was down to around 50%.

I dropped the file into FCPX, cut out a short section, added a fadein/out, bumped the sound by a few dB's, then into Compressor with a Youtube preset. It's certainly a camera I'll look at using again, I might even pick up another one or two!

Crazy Talk Animator 2

Just bought this for £19.85 UKP to use for children’s stuff at a local church. Can finally throw the flannelgraph (or fuzzy felt for you youngsters) away!