Foxvideo Productions

December 2013

Carol service update

After the saga of the scan converters, the carol service went well, 3 cameras through an MX50 mixed with words to a projector and the congregation were able to see the iPad band using iPad instruments close up.

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 07.20.27
One interesting little 'bug' in ProPresenter - the demo is watermarked, not a problem for me testing it on my Mac beforehand as I only wanted prove the 'path' would work with the registered copy the church used, however with words in white on no background from ProPresenter with live video, it was possible to 'key' the demo watermark out using the MX50 - I wonder if the developers are aware…..?

Just like buses….


I was asked if I could do 2 cameras at a carol service in a local church, they wanted the carol words from ProPresenter mixed over live video and sent to screen. ProPresenter will take a live video feed and, as I wanted to use our MX50 as a vision mixer for the 2 cameras I thought I could send the vision mixer output through a DV deck then out to Firewire into the church iMac and ProPresenter - when I tested it I got a 0.5 to 1 sec delay - not helpful.

Looking at it the other way, I could take their VGA feed, convert it to video and use the camera input on the MX50 with the downstream key - simple - the only problem was neither I or the church had a scan converter. I tried pulling in a few favours but no luck. Looking on eBay and hidden away where it'd never be found in an obscure category was a Scan Do 1024 with a starting price of £20, this would be ideal, in good working condition these are still for sale in the States for anything up to $600.

I put a last minute bid in for £20 and won, when it arrived today I plugged it all in and although it lit up there was no output, I changed cables - still nothing so I sent the seller an email saying I wanted to return it for a refund. As the job was in just 4 days time, and with no scan converter I was just about to pull the job when I looked on Maplin's site, they had a PC to TV unit for £27 but there were very mixed reviews on how good (or bad) it was. So a quick trip into town, a chat with the sales guy who said if I was unhappy with it I could return it. Back home, all wired up and I was pleasantly surprised that it looked OK.

3 hours later and I got an email from the Scan Do seller saying he'd happily refund the price and asked me to send the unit back, a few minutes later another email from the seller asking if could I phone him, which I did. He explained he had another identical unit and, after I'd explained what the unit actually did and how to wire it up, he said it was working perfectly and he'd send it Special Delivery the next day, if I was happy that it worked OK I could then send the faulty one back, so just like buses, I've gone from no scan converters to 2 units - typical!