Foxvideo Productions

August 2017

Hopeful or what!

These have been appearing regularly on eBay for months - I wonder why they aren't selling?

Screen Shot

A Narrowboat, a drone and the weather... Part 2

The following day was much brighter, we’d arranged to meet around 11.30am at the Haw Bridge Inn on the River Severn (if you’re ever near here, I’d recommend you check it out since it’s full refurbishment!). James and I arrived around 10.30am to check the location and the kit, I wandered around getting some GV’s and cutaway shots using a Canon 7D while James prepped the drone. Ironically the weather started to change, dark clouds came over, the wind picked up and it started to drizzle with rain!

Frank came on the radio saying they were following another narrowboat down and he would hang back a little to allow some space between them and thankfully just at that point, the weather started to clear and the sun started to appear. After a couple of software start up glitches the drone seemed fine and ready to go, Wye Invader Two came into view and James set the drone off up river.

It was then down to James to get the shots using a remote 7in monitor to view the output from the drone, Wye Invader Two passed us and went on down river to turn and come back allowing for variety of shot angles. Frank then berthed and we viewed the footage on a laptop, the shots were well exposed, sharp and nicely composed. A quick coffee and then Wye Invader Two set off for Gloucester Docks for the night before her return to Sharpness the next day.

So, to the edit. We’d shot the footage in reverse of what I’d originally had in mind so it was a matter of producing an edit that made sense and looked as if it had been done in a continuous take with a couple of shots from the front mounted ‘ActionCam’ on the boat. It was a good experience and learning process of what could be achieved and James is keen to try for some better footage later in the year, in the meantime it’s galvanised him to take his professional drone operators license in a few weeks time.