Foxvideo Productions

August 2016

207 Updates!

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Do you find it frustrating doing a ‘clean’ Windows 7 install? I don’t really use Windows at all these days I just need to have a PC and Windows available for testing websites and Powerpoint Presentations. This install had already done 24 updates then decided it needed to do another 207 updates!

eBay 3rd time lucky!


I have a Sony FX1 that I ‘acquired’ many years ago (but that’s another long story), when I was using it as a second camera I started getting tape dropouts despite cleaning the heads regularly and the easiest option was to get a Datavideo DN-60 bolt-on CF recorder which worked well. I stopped using the FX1 when I got my JVC HM700 so I sold the DN-60.

Come forward 3 years and a client I’d done some editing work on old analogue VHS tapes had an ongoing project he wanted to video and for me to edit, it seemed a good idea to loan him the FX1 along with the info it could suffer tape dropouts, this worked well for around 18 months and yes, we got dropouts but it was nothing mission critical that couldn’t be covered with cutaways. On his last outing with the FX1 the problem made the footage almost unusable and we lost some good shots, I couldn’t obtain another camera and the JVC HD110U I bought recently wasn't suitable for him so I searched on eBay for a s/h DN-60.

I found one hidden away in an obscure category with a starting price of £200, the average selling price was anything from £280 to £340 so I decided to watch it. With 30 minutes to go it still had no bids, 5 seconds to go and I bid £238 (postage was £12 giving me a price of £250 if I won) - No other bids went in and I won it for £200.

The unit arrived today and on test it worked perfectly with the FX1, there was some minor cosmetic damage (which the seller had mentioned) but I was quite happy it’d solve the problem for the guy I loan the camera to. The unit came with 2 sets of good rechargeable batteries, 2 x 32Gb Sandisk CF cards, all the Firewire leads, a mains unit, 3 different camera mounts and a hard case so should suit the job I intended it for with the FX1 shoot / edit client.

(Did I also mention it also works perfectly with the bargain JVC HD110U - Bonus!)