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April 2016

and another one!

Glebe Chapel | Glebe Chapel
Another website! A local Chapel ( had a Wordpress site which had developed a mind of it's own and they were looking for a revamp. One of the Chapel members is also involved with the Tom Roberts Activity Centre whose website I'd produced earlier in the year so they asked me if I could redesign the Chapel site.

I stayed with a similar design to the one they had but used a less complicated menu system to make the site easily navigable, it's going to be an interesting and ongoing project with additions and updates.

Another new website

Strange how things change over the years, seems I'm doing more websites at the moment rather than any video work!

Another new site up this week ( with a bit of a back story to it. 15 years ago I joined a web forum called DVDoctor, a place for video makers and digital video editors to get information, help others with tips and tricks and to keep up to date with the fast changing new world of video production and non linear editing. The forum has now sadly almost dropped of the web due to several factors but one guy from that forum I've kept in touch with is John from Belfast, we've traded tips, help info and on several occasions bought and sold equipment between us but in 15 years we've never met although we have talked on the phone.

John recently had some problems with his web host and asked me for advice, after which he moved to a host I recommended and renewed his .tv domain. We then talked about producing a more up to date website that was mobile friendly, essential for Google these days to remain well placed in it's search engine!

So I produced something for him in Rapidweaver and for the first time, used Joe Workman's Foundation rather than a pre-built template.