Foxvideo Productions

April 2014

S-VHS lives


With the popularity of DVD's and digital downloads today, VHS (and S-VHS) tapes have become a format of the past and I'm now occasionally asked to copy VHS tapes to DVD or digital files. Over the years I've had thousands of pounds worth of pro S-VHS decks ( a Panasonic 7750 cost me over £5000 new), some were p/x'd for later machines and some that went to the great land of the thin black line in the sky. I currently use an old Panasonic NV-HS800 S-VHS machine, given to me a few years ago that had had very little use, it's worked well until recently when I started getting thin black lines on playback, no amount of head cleaning seemed to cure it and I'd been looking on the Bay of E for a replacement - have you seen what some people seem to think an old S-VHS machine is worth?

In a moment of madness (while I was in the bathroom!) I spotted an old electric toothbrush and I thought I'd go for broke and try cleaning the video heads and tape path with it - 5 minutes later and with an S-VHS tape in - no black lines just clean playback - eBay can now wait a while!

NB. I'm not recommending you do this unless you're prepared to risk any damage you might do to your machine - I was fully prepared to throw the unit away if it didn't work.

Shush, don't tell anyone!

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 11.26.50

OK, I've bought FCPX from Apple.

Long story but as an Apple fan and user I tend to get given iTunes/App Store vouchers as presents, I had £100 sitting in iTunes and recently had a small VHS to DVD job that paid around £100 so……I bought FCPX. I've also supported many Media 100 and FCP users over the years and I'm getting the odd phone call asking how to do something in FCPX, so I thought I'd better jump on the band wagon and start using it for the odd job. More follows sometime!