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April 2012

Nia at Spring Harvest

An alternative embed from YouTube to check quality difference:

Footage Firm Music bargain - 7 days only

Finding music for a production is always a problem, occasionally a deal turns up to buy music that you just can't miss - THIS IS ONE DEAL YOU SHOULDN"T MISS!

5 DVD's with some good tracks, the chance of an included bonus item that could be an iPad 3 and at worst will be an extra DVD of music - all for $40 including free shipping. Ordered mine using just now, will post on what I think when it arrives.


I become a guerrilla cameraman!


A day with
Nia yesterday, She'd been booked to sing at Spring Harvest in Minehead, held on the Butlins site. We'd talked about getting some 'fly on the wall' stuff she could use as a video blog and some general BTS shots that we could use in some of her videos.

I had no choice really, I had to use the FX1, I'd have preferred something a little smaller so as not to look professional. I taped up the Sony and HDV markings with black tape to make the camera look a little less conspicuous and replaced the Sony strap with a plain black one, I had to work without any sort of case or bag so stuffed my pockets with spare tape, battery, head cleaning tape etc and just hoped I didn't look as if I knew what I was doing!

Arriving in Minehead, I got Nia to do a 'talk in' to the Spring Harvest site to camera as she was driving, which went well till we got to the main gate - the security guy saw the camera and immediately got himself out of shot but didn't ask what I was doing so we got away with that one - a good start to the day.

After that it was just a wander round following Nia for the day, and trying to look as if I was just an amateur - Nia and Sid setting up on stage, singing, meeting people and Nia signing some of her CD's, we also got invited to one of the chalets for dinner and I got some good shots of Nia helping to cook a meal with some of the youngsters from Gorsley Baptist Church. I'm not sure there would have been any problems filming in general but as it was a private premises I don't think they'd have understood the reasons for the camera and might have asked me to stop filming. I was careful not to get anyone identifiable in shot who we didn't know, I also had to be aware of the many trademarks around for the coffee, burger and other outlets - not easy, they were everywhere!

Viewing the footage back today I think I've got some good stuff, I forgot to get any sort of 'closer' when we got back (it had been a long day!), so I'll get Nia to do a piece to camera in the dark saying "It's now 1.30 in the morning and we've just got back......etc" sometime in the next few days that I can drop on the end.


Just looking around the web a few weeks later checking the SEO and embed stats for this, I came across a blog by Simon Fogg and found I'd been photographed filming Nia (I'm on the left with the camera resting on a table, trying to look as if I'm not filming!)

Photo - Simon Fogg