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Support local shops…I tried!

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There’s a TV ad running at the moment asking us to support local shopping rather than use Internet shopping, a few days ago an outside light failed, opening it up to change the bulb I found a small square fluorescent tube, it had been in use since we’ve been here, just on 20 years!
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So a trip to our local Homebase store, none in stock and no idea of delivery, a day later I was in a larger town with a B&Q store that must have been at least the size of 4 or 5 football pitches, I needed a two pin version and they only had four pin ones - no good to me!

Back home I looked on Amazon, not only did they have two pin versions they had about ten different makes including several ‘branded’ ones, the cost was £4.95 so I ordered at 5pm with Prime next day delivery. The following day we had major floods in the area with routes to our village cut off for several hours, there were huge traffic jams within a 50 mile radius and locals were taking up to an extra 90 minutes over their normal travel time just to get home.

I fully expected my delivery not to arrive, not a problem and I fully understood the drivers reasons. At 7pm I thought I’d see if it was scheduled for the following day only to find a message on the tracking page saying my package had been left in our shed, I reckon that Amazon delivery driver must have had floats and an outboard motor on his van!

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