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iPhone 5s battery replace

iPhone 5s
My first iPhone 5s battery change! - I had a totally dead 5s, it wouldn’t charge, only showed a dim screen and no logo, I suspected a dead battery. I watched the battery change video on iFixit, it looked simple enough but as usual nothing ever goes exactly as planned. For some reason the screen refused to be removed using the sucker, I ended up going round the screen with the point of a small penknife to ‘break’ the seal of whatever was holding it. The Home button cable then popped off almost without any help from me - I was dreading putting that back on!

Next the battery cable holding plate, that wasn’t too bad but those screws are tiny! The next step showed removal of the front panel assembly cable bracket to the logic board, after removing the tiny screws (one of which was 1.2mm!) and before actually disconnecting the cable I did wonder why it needed to be removed, I could see the battery and managed to remove it without that step so I replaced the screws.

A new sticky strip to hold the battery, then connect the battery, the battery cable holding plate went back quite easily, then onto the Home button cable….for some reason this popped back on in seconds and then the cover plate went back just as easily. All that was left now was to put the screen and case together, this was a bit more difficult and took some time but eventually there was the click sound of success.

I connected a charging cable and the screen lit up dimly, after 30 minutes the phone restarted and showed the Apple logo so I switched the cable to the Mac Pro and ran an App called ‘Fix my phone’ that I’d bought a few days earlier in a Mac App bundle deal, the App recognised the phone, downloaded the latest Firmware and software and the phone showed it was installing.

It all worked, I switched back to a plug charger and left it fo an hour or so, turning the phone on showed the familiar Apple Welcome screen but the big test was the ‘Home’ button - it worked!

Would I attempt it again? No way!