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Final Cut or Resolve?

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A year of editing Sunday services for Glebe Chapel. It started in March 2020 when I offered to loan Glebe Chapel a tripod after a post on Facebook mentioning one of theirs had broken, a Facebook message came back ‘Could I edit a few video clips together and upload it to Youtube?’. Little did anyone know we’d still be editing Sunday services one year on!

Even after 53 Sunday services edited in Final Cut Pro, I’m still not a fan, Yes, it does the job but I’ve been editing a duplicate service in the free version of Blackmagic Resolve, it’s track-based and with excellent audio editing capabilities, which is everything the Final Cut v8 should have been. It’s interesting to read the FCP user forums, there’s a growing wave of discontent for Final Cut Pro with mentions of a possible subscription model and far too few new features or even bug fixes to the current program. Apple doesn’t seem to be listening or reacting to the ‘pro user base. I would switch to Resolve in an instant but now I’m retired the £299 is my limiting factor, I bought FCP for £299 and since then I’ve probably spent twice that much again on plugins and templates which are not compatible with Resolve, it’s interesting to note there are now dedicated plugins and templates appearing for Resolve…..

Apple said the DVD was dead and stopped installing DVD drives in their machines some years ago, so what about the people who don’t have internet access, those older citizens who have never embraced technology?, Glebe had people who attended the Chapel and didn’t have access to the Internet or mp4 capable devices - were they to be ignored during the UK lockdown? I’ve produced over 400 DVD’s for those people, I know copies have been passed around to even more people and it looks like we’ll still be editing services for Youtube (and producing DVD’s) until June 2021.

In one recent Final Cut user forum, an Admin did some simple research on NLE popularity based on Google searches, in a quote from his findings he said “In March of this year, all the NLEs got a huge boost when lockdown started. However, as we stand Premiere Pro leads the searches by a comfortable margin. iMovie follows, then there is a large gap to Resolve. The saddest news is that Final Cut Pro is now in the last position. I understand that Final Cut Pro is popular amongst creators/YouTubers etc, but the slow decline slope against the other NLEs isn't comforting.”

I’ve used Apple hardware/software since 1994, if / when I switch to Resolve I’ll still be using Apple hardware, but again Resolve is also available for PC and Linux, so is the writing on the wall for Apple Pro Apps?

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