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CCTV and Windows 10!

IP Camera
I use several IP cameras to monitor our house (and keep an eye on my cats!), I used a Windows machine for several years along with an excellent ‘Donationware’ software program called Contaware, it showed 4 cameras, 3 IP and one analogue displayed on screen and all the usual options like record, screenshot etc, I particularly liked the function to review moving thumbnails allowing for quick reviewing of recorded clips.

Sadly after the recent Windows 10 large update the program started misbehaving, the video would freeze for several seconds and the WiFi would lose connectivity, at first I suspected a faulty graphics card which I replaced, then the WiFi dongle was also replaced, but I still had problems.

I have an older 2008 iMac that I recently upgraded with an SSD and a forced Sierra ‘hack’ update, I’d previously used this as a CCTV with SecuritySpy software and a single camera, the price for a 4 camera upgrade seemed a little high for me so I looked for alternatives and came across Unioncam.

This software allows up to 64 IP cameras (far more than I’ll ever need!), it has a wide range of options including screen layout, fullscreen display FTP upload and recording schedule. So far I’m very impressed and will register it for $25 well before the 30 day ‘trial’ runs out.

(The sponge above the camera is soaked with Citronella, it deters spiders from making webs over the lens!)

Update - A few days in now testing UnionCam, I'm still pleased with the way it it performs and will buy it but there are some 'niggles', it has a habit of recording 1 second green frames, not too much of a problem but I can't trace why in the Prefs!

What I've done now is use UnionCam to record one camera at night and I've setup SecuritySpy alongside UnionCam on the same iMac which I've found to be a lot more reliable to record a second camera as well, so I'll see how that works out.