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DAM! - no I’m not swearing, I’m referring to Digital Asset Management. Since the digital revolution I’ve collected thousands of video clips, still images, audio files and graphics on a hard drive very much in those categories to use in edits. I’ve bought assets from video and photo libraries, special offer packages, Royalty Free music as digital downloads and CD’s which I’ve digitised, it’s a case of you never know when you might need to use them, the problem arises trying to keep track of them all and have fast access when trying to find something for an edit.

First 10 days with Resolve

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‘Forget everything you’ve ever learned using tracks in Final Cut Pro’, that was the advice when Final Cut Pro X was launched in June 2011. I remember that day along with many thousands of others, awaiting the launch of FCPX, I’d been using non-linear editing since early 1994, originally with Media100 from Data Translation which was marketed as the the first ‘broadcast quality’ non-linear editor. In 2001 I switched to Final Cut Pro v2.1 which then, cost around £1600 if I remember. When Apple switched from Motorola to Intel chips, FCP 6 Studio2 was launched and I bought the new version for around £800, then later again the v7 upgrade, luckily I found a genuine boxed version on eBay for £150.

Final Cut or Resolve?

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A year of editing Sunday services for Glebe Chapel. It started in March 2020 when I offered to loan Glebe Chapel a tripod after a post on Facebook mentioning one of theirs had broken, a Facebook message came back ‘Could I edit a few video clips together and upload it to Youtube?’. Little did anyone know we’d still be editing Sunday services one year on!

A Band shoot...

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Over the past 20 years or so we’ve been asked to shoot a few artist / band songs, these usually involved shooting several takes in different locations and using a CD boom box to play the song out for lip syncing, then in the edit, use the CD as the main audio track to sync to the video using the recorded audio, then drop the camera recorded audio for the final video output.

I bought an iMac!

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If you’ve been reading any of the previous posts you’ll have seen the problems with my 2010 MacPro Quad and it’s overheating on load. A new 4Gb GFX card failed to fix it, a software fan control program worked for a while but then the problem started again! Time on Google suggested the thermal paste used on the processor may be failing, after a stressful edit that needed to be mastered to a deadline, I realised it was probably time to look for a replacement machine……
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