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Support local shops…I tried!

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There’s a TV ad running at the moment asking us to support local shopping rather than use Internet shopping, a few days ago an outside light failed, opening it up to change the bulb I found a small square fluorescent tube, it had been in use since we’ve been here, just on 20 years!

An Autumn trip

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I supply the camera kit and video editing for a friend who then films his trips on his narrowboat, over the years he’s attracted quite a following on YouTube, FaceBook and his website (which I manage) with his films and exploits!

Power of FaceBook

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One website I maintain was overdue for a refresh, on average the site gets between 15 - 20 hits per day. I spent 2 days revamping it, re-organising the menu and checking it looked good on a mobile phone as most of the hits are now from mobiles. By coincidence, I also manage the FaceBook page for the same guy and I had an update to add to the FaceBook page, it was a simple paragraph with no photo, the post was shared by one person and within minutes the website was taking hits, by the end of the day the site had over 206 visits all attributable to FaceBook!

iPhone 5s battery replace

iPhone 5s
My first iPhone 5s battery change! - I had a totally dead 5s, it wouldn’t charge, only showed a dim screen and no logo, I suspected a dead battery. I watched the battery change video on iFixit, it looked simple enough but as usual nothing ever goes exactly as planned. For some reason the screen refused to be removed using the sucker, I ended up going round the screen with the point of a small penknife to ‘break’ the seal of whatever was holding it. The Home button cable then popped off almost without any help from me - I was dreading putting that back on!

CCTV and Windows 10!

IP Camera
I use several IP cameras to monitor our house (and keep an eye on my cats!), I used a Windows machine for several years along with an excellent ‘Donationware’ software program called Contaware, it showed 4 cameras, 3 IP and one analogue displayed on screen and all the usual options like record, screenshot etc, I particularly liked the function to review moving thumbnails allowing for quick reviewing of recorded clips.
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